Kodagu in Karnataka is the 7th most searched travel destination of the year

Surrounded by captivating landscapes, Kodagu district in Karnataka continues to captivate tourists globally. It has now managed to secure a commendable 7th position among the world’s top 10 tourist destinations. And that’s a great achievement!

This recognition serves as a testament to the district’s awe-inspiring natural beauty and popular attractions, which established this destination as one of the most coveted destinations for millions of travelers.

Kodagu’s enchanting scenery, featuring verdant hills adorned with lush green forests and glistening streams, turns into a winter wonderland during the cold and rainy seasons. During this time, it sees an influx of visitors from far and wide. In the year 2023, the district managed to clinch the 3rd position among the most searched tourist destinations by Indians, whereas Goa secured the 2nd place, and Kashmir was at 6th.

Kodagu is blessed with a number of prominent tourist spots, including Abbi Falls, Madikeri Rajaseet, Cauvery Nisarga Dhama, Dubare Elephant Camp, Irpu Falls, and more. If reports are to go by, Kodagu witnesses a substantial influx of tourists, with more than 1 lakh visitors on weekends and 30 thousand on weekdays.

The district has plenty of homestays and around 1000 resorts, all bustling with activity, particularly during the year-end festivities. This also means that you will easily find a place to stay here as per your budget.

Nagendra Prasad, President of the Hotel and Resort Owners Association, points out that the surge of tourists during the year-end festivities highlights the district’s growing popularity. The 7th global ranking positions Kodagu alongside renowned destinations, such as Sri Lanka, Goa, Bali, Thailand, Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar, Italy, and Switzerland.

The abundant green landscapes, gushing waterfalls, and winding rivers of Kodagu create a lasting impression on visitors, and plays a substantial role in making a mark. The Tourism Department of Kodagu acknowledges the importance of attractions such as Rajaseeti in Madikeri, the nature reserve, and Dubare.

Anita Bhaskar, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, expressed joy at Kodagu consistently captivating the world’s attention in terms of tourism, highlighting the surge in Google searches for Kodagu’s tourist destinations as a reflection of the district’s universal appeal and a significant milestone in its tourism development.

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